Friday, April 04, 2008

Katie's Finer Uses of the English Language

taste-bugs = taste-buds
"Taste bugs are on my tongue and make pizza taste good."

crunches = crutches
"My teacher sprained her ankle and was walking on her crunches today."

hannaber = hamburger
"I can say hannaber the right way now!"

bisset = biscuit
"Bissets are my favorite bread."

vimanin = vitamin
"Please give me my vimanin right now so I can get down from the table."

crinkle = wrinkle
"That lady's face has a lot of crinkles."

ambleeeyance = ambulance
"Whenever I hear an ambleeeyance it means somebody is going to the hospital to be dead soon."

talow = towel
"I wiped my body with the talow."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So good to finally hear from y'all! hope that everything is going for everyone in your family. we are still surviving the cold wet weather up here. hope to see you guys again soon. smooches to you all, dottie, greg and mimi ;-)

8:19 PM, April 10, 2008  

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